New Year Draw


New Year... New Horizons

Rotary Club of Miramichi New Year Trip Draw!

Tickets on sale now!

Tickets: $150
Monthly Winners! • 1st: Trip for Two! • 2nd: $500 • 3rd: $150

Only 500 tickets available

$500 Early Bird Draw for tickets sold before December 28th.

Contact: • • Call Tara: 506-626-0040



  1. The Rotary Club of Miramichi will manage the draw and tickets
  2. Only 500 tickets will be sold, numbered 001 to 500.
  3. Ticket stubs will be placed in a basket.
  4. Monthly lotteries will be held the 28th of each month, or the closest weekday, under the live supervision of a neutral third party at 95.9 Rewind.
  5. Winning tickets will be replaced into the basket and are eligible for future monthly lotteries.
  6. Monthly prizes are a trip for two as first place, $500 cash as second place, and $150 as third place.
  7. Each monthly first place is a credit for a trip as shown on the ticket. Each trip must be taken within twelve (12) months of the monthly lottery, with the date being the winner’s choice. Each trip includes airfare, transfers, and lodging for two people.
  8. A special early bird pick will be held on December 28, 2023 for $500.
  9. All additional costs, including but not limited to, taxes, ALL insurances, meals, tips, carrier mistakes etc. are responsibility of the winner.
  10. Trips are arranged by Natalie Forrest of Marlin Travel in Miramichi.
  11. Winners assume financial responsibility for any increase in the cost of a trip within sixty (60) days from the date of the lottery. No reimbursement for taking a trip of lesser value.
  12. If a trip becomes unavailable due to reasons beyond the control of Miramichi Rotary or Marlin Travel, the club will offer a similar trip of at least equal monetary value.
  13. Lottery winners can accept 80% of the stated value of their trip in cash instead of the trip. Shutdowns from any force majeure such as pandemic will convert to the 80% cash option.
  14. Each ticket costs $150, payable in cash or by eTransfer to the Rotary Club of Miramichi.
  15. Winners will be contacted in person, with winner information displayed on the Rotary Club Facebook page and Website.
  16. If 450 tickets have NOT been sold by 28 January 2024, the draw will convert to a 50/50 single winner.
  17. Members and families of the Rotary Club of Miramichi are eligible for the lottery.
    Lottery License No. 0214782 56 008